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We hope that these Birthday Horoscopes will help you understand yourself better. This Birthday Horoscope was done with a tropical method. There is a few things that haven't been considered, your time of birth and place of birth these two factors make for a more accurate finger print of who you are. This is why we suggest having full Natal Chart (Birth Charts) done. 


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A brief overview of the Libra sun sign:

Libra is ruled by Venus but in the realm of its element air. Taurus is also ruled by Venus but is a earth sign. The Libra person is one who has the magnetic power and drive to be a overwhelming force in the bedroom. The symbol of the scales is a great representation of the Libra person, always weighing the facts and desiring a balance. They see both sides of everything and when it comes to influence, they want every one to follow them and their ideas. The strong feminine influence of the planet Venus can place them in more unconventional relationships. They also have a habit of procrastination but when they work they work. we will learn more about the Libra personality on a day-to-day basis only then will we see the complex and complete picture of the Libra sun sign. Some Libra notables; John Lennon, Jesse Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Carter, Mahatma Gandhi, Desmond Tutu. To mention a few greats of this sun sign.

Birthday Horoscope for October:

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            These beautifully framed  charts make great gifts for couples, newborns and you!



Birthday Horoscopes for 10/01     Back to top  

Now being 8º into Libra and the first of the month we have a unique person in the Libra sun sign. The October 1st person has the love and compassion of Venus (Libra's ruling planet) but we also have a true leader. They work hard at what they do and use the Venus aspect to prove wrong the theory of "you've got to step on a few bugs on the way up" that's right, they want to take everyone up with them. When they speak you can be sure that its genuine and from the heart.

A look ahead; Sometimes the ground hogs look at their shadows just to prove to themselves that there definitely is a light.

Famous Birthdays; Jimmy Carter, Albert Collins (Blues legend), Julie Andrews, Walter Matthau, Randy Quaid, Tom Bosley, Jerry Martini (Sly and the Family Stone).

 Birthday Horoscopes for 10/02   Back to top  

Most of the October 2nd persons have a way with words. They speak about truth, peace, happiness and love. They are usually very physically and intellectually appealing. The key word is most. some may have other elements in their birth chart that will make them completely opposite, but would we hardly see anything in the middle.

A look ahead; Live your life unshaken by fear and you will live a life of respect. Let the people that love you, love you.

Famous Birthdays; Mohandas Mahatma Gandhi, Sting, Bud Abbott, Groucho Marx, Don McClean, Spankie McFarland, Mike Rutherford (Genesis), Phil Oakey (The Human League), Bud Gaugh (Sublime).

 Birthday Horoscopes for 10/03   Back to top  

Now we are 10º into Libra which starts the next seven day period of this sun sign. This will change the appearance of this sign dramatically going from a technical to an influential theme. The October 3rd person has a way of introducing new things to those around them. They work hard and if they are in leadership positions, their subordinates usually see them as the one that they would want to take directions from. This is good, but the October 3rd person also needs to know when to call it a day for their own health reasons.

A look ahead; All of our senses are capable of detecting beauty.

Famous Birthdays; Eddie Cochran, Chubby Checker, Emily Post, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Tommy Lee, Lindsey Buckingham, Ronnie Laws.

Birthday Horoscopes for 10/04   Back to top  

Again today we see the influential aspect of the Libra sun sign. Subtle power is a good way to describe the October 4th person. Fashion and style are also attributes of this person. This can be from what they wear to what they drive or maybe even who their seen with. They usually have something funny to say and are pretty laid back. They do have a way of controlling a situation with out producing any friction. They do get what they want.

A look ahead; To be comfortable with yourself is to close the door on opportunity. 

Famous Birthdays; Buster Keaton, Susan Sarandon, Alicia Silverstone, Jon Secada, Charlton Heston, Pancho Villa, Chris Lowe (The Pet Shop Boys).

 Birthday Horoscopes for 10/05   Back to top  

The October 5th person uses their influence for what they believe is just and fair . They believe in the good of all man kind and will defend it no matter what their personal loss might be. They are usually fun to be around and great to work with.

A look ahead; Many people around you are opportunists in the worst way, therefore let it pay for them to know you.

Famous Birthdays; Bob Geldof, Steve Miller, Larry Fine( 3 Stooges), Kate Winslet, Barry Switzer, Vaclav Havel, Arlene Smith (The Chantels).

 Birthday Horoscopes for 10/06  Back to top  

The October 6th person always sees the glass half full. They have a strong desire to travel and help people. They tend to be very animated in the way they present themselves. Although their lifestyle is exiting and attractive, it can lead to early burn out.

A look ahead; Does one expose them self for the pleasure of others or their own self satisfactions.

Famous Birthdays; Clark Gable, Mathew Sweet, Carole Lombard, Janet Gaynor, Elizabeth Shue, Kevin Cronin (REO Speedwagon), David Hidalgo (Los Lobos).

Birthday Horoscopes for 10/07   Back to top  

( This day relies very strongly on factors such as rising signs and different house configurations which are too vast to be considered in this birthscope.) A good portion of the October 7th persons is very different than the rest of this 7 day period of the Libra sun sign. Most have a hunt and kill instinct. They will get you no matter how long it takes, Not because you did anything to them its just because they don't share the same point of view. At home the people and animals that  live with the October 7th person usually can be prone to devastating forms of abuse. They do have a sense of humor but its usually degrading and insulting. This is not true for some that have different house configurations. Some hold high ideals and are considered heroes. And are quite respectable. To find out more you should have a full birth chart done.    

A look ahead;  As you shut yourself in from the rest of the world, you also open a vast landscape of emptiness.

Famous Birthdays; Oliver North, Heinrich Himmler, Bishop Tutu, John Mellencamp, Yo Yo Ma, Bobbie Brown, Kevin Godley (10cc), Al Martino, Tico Torres (Bon Jovi).

Birthday Horoscopes for 10/08   Back to top  

We are now 15º into the Libra sun sign. The October 8th person is one that spends their whole life on one issue, the good and love for all mankind. They have a wonderful imagination that encourages the people around them to see their unique perspective on life and follow them in their quest. They tend to lean towards complicated  romances.   

A look ahead;  Only in ones imagination does truth find an effective existence, in spite of nature.

Famous Birthdays; Jesse Jackson, Sigourney Weaver, Chevy Chase, Paul Hogan, Matt Damon, Stephanie Zimbalist, Robert "Kool" Bell (Kool & the Gang), Fred Cash (The Impressions).

 Birthday Horoscopes for 10/09   Back to top  

The October 9th person is a true visionary. They have a way of seeing through the kaleidoscope of a situation and determining what the image really is. They will cause you to think about things around you too. They tend to unconventional relationships, for they can see no wrong in any configuration.   

A look ahead; If war is hate then peace is most definitely love.

Famous Birthdays;  John Lennon, Sean Lennon( John's son), Yusef Lateef, Jackson Brown, John Entwhistle (The Who), Kurt Neumann (The BoDeans).

 Birthday Horoscopes for 10/10   Back to top  

The October 10th person has a way of taking their time and choosing what they believe to be the best for them. They take into consideration all aspects including emotional cost and comfort. They believe in true romance,( Money cant buy love).   

A look ahead; Hope can be viewed through the same eyes as fear. Like the lottery, one most often walks away a looser before the game is played. Precision is the key.

Famous Birthdays;  Thelonius Monk (Jazz Great), Helen Hayes, Brett Farve, Antonio Banderas, John Prine (Singer songwriter), David Lee Rothstien, Bradley Whitford ("The West Wing"), Martin Kemp (Spandau Ballet), Mike Malinin (Goo Goo Dolls).

Birthday Horoscopes for 10/11   Back to top  

Today we are 17º or into the last 7 day period of the full Libra sun sign before going into the Libra/Scorpio cusp which will happen on the 19th. In this phase of Libra we see a common theme of performance in many different ways. The October 11th person sees this performance in the desire to be involved in everything that is going on around them. They want to be the talk of the town, which they very actively pursue. These people can win over the most difficult objector with their prize winning smiles and most pleasant demeanors. They take pride in giving and receiving the highest forms of romantic pleasure. They also posses a pallet for exotic cuisine.

A look ahead; Acceptance is the art of realizing that all mankind is uniquely different.

Famous Birthdays;  Art Blakey, Darryl Hall, Joan Cusack, David Morse, Dotty West, Luke Perry, Andrew Woolfolk (Earth, Wind and Fire).

Birthday Horoscopes for 10/12   Back to top  

The October 12th person is an alpha type personality. They like to make a big and memorable impact in every thing they do. They are kind, giving and people that stand by their word. They can be somewhat hard to get along with at times when it comes to relationships, because of their unwillingness to flexible in some areas. They will either pull through or pull out in the end.

A look ahead; There are situations that require us to forget ourselves in order to give credit were it is due.

Famous Birthdays;  Susan Anton, Luciano Pavarotti, Sam Moore, Dusty Rhodes, Chris Wallace, Martie Seidel (Dixie Chicks), Nappy Brown.

Birthday Horoscopes for 10/13   Back to top  

The October 13th person is a performer in a direct and forceful way. They believe in doing every thing in their business and personal life in a professional manner. This might make their mate feel like a business partner more than a lover. But make no mistake if you are in a relationship with a October 13th person you have someone that will stand behind you and is extremely loving no matter what it may seem like on the surface.

A look ahead; People listen to reason, but not too well to criticism, it's important to know the difference. 

Famous Birthdays;  Paul Simon, Demond Wilson (The dummy on Sanford and Son), Margaret Thatcher, Lenny Bruce, Marie Osmond, Jerry Rice, Robert Lamm (Chicago), Sammy Hagar, Nipsey Russell.

Birthday Horoscopes for 10/14   Back to top  

Nothing much happening here.  The October 14th person is a fence sitter. What's a fence sitter you ask? Its a person that can see both points of view till it almost makes you want to shake them off the fence to take a position. They do make wonderful parents and mates otherwise. They will keep a secret forever.

A look ahead; If you were to drink some wine it would not make you a different person, it would just make visible what is already is inside. 

Famous Birthdays;  Cliff Richard, Roger Moore, Harry Anderson, Thomas Dolby, Justin Hayward ( The Moody Blues), Ralph Lauren.

  Birthday Horoscopes for 10/15   Back to top  

The October 15th person is very persuasive in their business and personal dealings they are usually good writers and critics. Most have a sexual appetite for the unusual or forbidden. Some have been well known for making a mountain out of a mole hill. They are extremely intelligent. They like to be with someone at all times.

A look ahead;  If its ok to do anything, there will be no excitement in getting away with it.

Famous Birthdays;  Mario Puzo, Tito Jackson, Mark Lenard, Penny Marshall, Tanya Roberts, Lee Iacocca, Sarah Ferguson (Ductches of York), Don Stevenson (Moby Grape), Richard Carpenter. 

Birthday Horoscopes for 10/16    Back to top  

Today is a unique combination of the sun sign Libra and the ruling planet for October 16th which is Neptune This offers the person born on this day a lot of creativity but also the means ( the scales of Libra) to balance this creativity. These factors though might make this person a bit difficult to live with and leave their companions wondering if their is something wrong with them. The key for a person involved with an October 16th person is to let things go and try not to set them off.

A look ahead;  People who "mean to be true" contradict themselves much more rarely than those who "try to be consistent."

Famous Birthdays; Susan Summers, Tim Robbins, Angela Lansbury, Michael Conrad, Bob Weir (Grateful Dead Guitarist), Kellie Martin, David Zucker, Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Wendy Wilson (Wilson Phillips), Roy Hargrove.

Birthday Horoscopes for 10/17   Back to top  

It is said in the stars that the October 17th person has 9 lives. They are used to being in a  tight spot. Mostly because of the strong influence from Saturn the planet of confrontation and limitations which can really mess with someone's life. If the October 17th person wasn't so confident and always up for the challenge, they would just give up. As would be the case in most other astrological configurations under this kind of Saturn rule. They tend to enter relationships only with hope that it will work, and there lay the challenge for the companions of the person born on this day.

A look ahead;  The uncompromising will of ones ways makes them clearly blind and stridently deaf.

Famous Birthdays; Jimmy Seals (Seals and Crofts), Rita Hayworth, Montgomery Clift, Barney Kessel, Evel Knievel, George Wendt (Cheers), Gary Puckett, Ziggy Marley.

 Birthday Horoscopes for 10/18   Back to top  

This the last full day of Libra before we enter the Libra/ Scorpio cusp tomorrow. Here we have The adult of the Libra sun sign. This person is born to influence the way we see ourselves and others. They do this by example. Most people that are in touch with an October 18th person are affected by them in some way for the rest of their life, even though we might originally see them as “off the wall”.  As mates, the October 18th person is fun to be around and because they have unique views could cause their mate to try something stimulating that they wouldn’t of tried with anyone else. All this could lead to the pleasures of a lifetime. As a mate to the this person you must be willing to dig into the emotions of the October 18th person because they wont come right out and tell you if their feelings have been hurt.

A look ahead;  If all the people in the world were in one room were would one start. 

Famous Birthdays; Chuck Berry, Erin Moran, Dawn Wells, Mike Ditka, Wynton Marsalis, Peter Boyle, Martina Navratiova, George C Scott, Jean Claude Van Damme, Tim Cross (Sponge), Peter Svenson (The Cardigans).

 Birthday Horoscopes for 10/19   Back to top  

 This is the first day of the Libra/ Scorpio cusp. Here we have a combination of the planets Venus (love) Pluto (power) and the ruling planet for this day, the Sun (individuality). As you can see the combination of these planets make for a very self-reliant, dominate, sexually dynamic person. As a mate the October 19th person is a wonderful parent and a thought-provoking mate with all the bells and whistles to boot. The mate of an October19th person must guard against making them feel repressed in any form. In return you will be blessed with a mate that you will never get tired of.

A look ahead; No one worth possessing would ever allow himself or herself to be possessed. 

  Famous Birthdays; Evander Holyfield, Peter Max, John Lithgow, Peter Tosh, George Fenton, Karl Wallinger (World Party), Todd Park Mohr (Big Head Todd and the Monsters).

Birthday Horoscopes for 10/20   Back to top  

 The moon rules the October 20th person. The moon rises at night and in doing so deals a lot with our conscious and unconscious states. This is the main factor that drives the October 20th person. In their business dealings they know all the aspects of a deal and decide their move in an almost Vulcan like way. In the evening their home life can be one of extremes in all senses of the word.

A look ahead;  Any form of regulation does not appear to be stylish.

Famous Birthdays; Bela Lugosi, Mickey Mantle, Tom Petty, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Gerry Orbach, Jim Sonefeld (Hootie & The Blowfish), David Ryan (The Lemonheads).

  Birthday Horoscopes for 10/21   Back to top  

  The October 21st person is one that exudes beauty in what ever their life style may be. They have no problem telling you were they stand and can not be convinced of any thing that they haven’t hashed out the details on first. In a romantic aspect the October 21st person wants more than anything to be part of a stable loving household. The person who is involved with a October 21st person must learn that they must help without being asked because their mate thinks they can do it all by themselves.

A look ahead;  If you listen for the silence you hear the sound of tranquility. 

Famous Birthdays; Dizzy Gillespie, Carrie Fisher, Manfred Mann, Will Estes, Steve Cropper (Booker T. & the MG's), Elvin Bishop, Charlotte Caffey (The Go-Go's), Lee Loughnane (Chicago), Steve Lukather (Toto).

Birthday Horoscopes for 10/22   Back to top  

  This is the last day of the Libra sun sign going into Scorpio tomorrow.  The October 22nd person is one that lives the life of seduction. They have all the tools to make the strongest of us stoop to fodder. On the surface they can seem quite harmless but that’s part of a well thought out cover to lure their unsuspecting victims. This holds true in a humorous sense too. In romance they need not make projections of their mates intentions, even if their right it could drive their mate nuts. The mate of the October 22nd person must be one that can conduct themselves as if they were Teflon.

A look ahead;  We all have to rely on equilibrium to remain standing

Famous Birthdays; Timothy Leary, Jeff Goldblum, Annette Funicello, Curly Howard (3 Stooges), Christopher Loyd.

A brief overview of the Scorpio sun sign:

The Scorpio sun sign is ruled by both Pluto and Mars. The first thing we need to know is that Pluto is a very dark and curios planet. We have only started to learn its effects on the zodiac. From what information  has been gathered it seems to have an effect on the Scorpio sun sign resembling the underground movement of the sixties were we saw groups of people that had a well organized secret missions and could move from one place to another undetected. The Mars aspect on the other hand is very well documented. It deals with all types of activities and desires. It also has a strong masculine side. Both the Scorpio men and woman have enormous sexual drives. Groups of admires (even of there own gender) surround them like a shipload of sailors that just retuned from sea. As for the person lucky enough to have an encounter with a Scorpio person, it is said that they can move in ways most could only imagine. The combination of Mars and Scorpio's element is fire and water and is the main reason for the constant changes that take place during the Scorpio persons life. We will learn more about this somewhat unpredictable sun sign on a daily basis as we try to unravel the Scorpio mystique. Some Famous scorpions; Mahallia Jackson, Johnny Carson, Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, Christopher Columbus, Art Carney, Pablo Picasso.

  Birthday Horoscopes for 10/23   Back to top  


This is the first day of the Scorpio sun sign still on the Libra/Scorpio cusp. The October 23rd person is a very high energy person. They sometimes are so fast that they don't think before they say or do something. this can land them in all kinds of trouble at home and work. Being a Scorpio and having a strong intimate drive combined with their quickness could cause them to have a sexual encounter without thinking of the implications involved. The mate of this person must be completely understanding and not take things personally.

A look ahead;  It is difficult to hang on and let go at the same time.

Famous Birthdays; Dwight Yoakam, Johnny Carson, Diana Dors, Jennie Lee, Doug Flutie, Boozoo Chavis, Barbara Ann Hawkins (The Dixie Cups), "Weird Al" Yankovic, Brian Nevin (Big Head Todd and the Monsters).

Birthday Horoscopes for 10/24   Back to top  

The October 24th person is ruled by Venus along with the sun signs ruling planets Pluto and Mars makes this person quite the lover. They are articulate and have a way of presenting themselves in a grand fashion. As a mate they might seem a bit possessive and high strung. The mate of this person should have a place to go to calmly reflect from time to time.

A look ahead; Not every thing needs to be exact.

Famous Birthdays; Bill Wyman, Sonny Terry, Big Bopper, Kevin Kline, Ben Gillies (Silverchair).

  Birthday Horoscopes for 10/25   Back to top  

Neptune has the key to the October 25th persons lifeline. As the sea is immense and powerful so is this person. They usually like to be in charge of things at home and at work, most are physical in both areas. As a mate the October 25th person is dependable and loves exotic cuisine. The mate of this person needs to be an emotional pillar in the home of the October 25th person.

A look ahead; Intolerance is the lack of allowing our minds to touch.

Famous Birthdays; Pablo Picasso, Helen Reddy, Minnie Pearl, Bobbie Knight, Chubby Jackson, Marion Ross, Jon Anderson (Yes), Taffy Danoff (Starland Vocal Band), Glen Tipton (Judas Priest), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Ed Robertson (Barenaked Ladies).

  Birthday Horoscopes for 10/26   Back to top  

The October 26th person is most likely to start an organization or be in a leadership position with the good of all mankind as their motivation. They are very financially responsible and wont back down when they know what their doing is right. Although they sometimes fall victim to Saturn their ruling planet which can limit their success. As a mate the October 26th person is very loyal and loving but in public they appear to be rigid. The mate of this person has to be completely supportive and independent.

A look ahead; The world needs to realize that even sand paper does in fact have a soft side.

Famous Birthdays; Mahallia Jackson, Bob Hoskins, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Charlie Barnett, Jaclyn Smith, Pat Sajak, Dylan McDermott, Maggie Roche (The Roches), Keith Strickland (The B-52's).

  Birthday Horoscopes for 10/27   Back to top  

Mars has a large effect on the October 27th person because it is the ruling planet for this day as well as one of the ruling planets of Scorpio. This aspect makes this person a veritable ball of fire in all respects of their existence. Although this person has this kind of energy, the fact is they are very loving and sensitive. If the mate of this person can let go they will be taken for the adventure of a life time. If not it will ultimately lead to a dysfunctional relationship.

A look ahead; One must not destroy the self that they do not see.

Famous Birthdays; John Clees, Leif Erickson, Teddy Roosevelt, Dylan Thomas, Roberto Benigni, Jack Daniels (Highway 101), Garry Tallent (Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band), Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots), Simon LeBon
(Duran Duran).

Birthday Horoscopes for 10/28   Back to top  

The October 28th person is ruled by the Sun. This gives to this day a strong desire for identity and also lends a strong masculine side to this day. These people are observant, cunning and curious as a cat. They are truly concerned for the well being of their mates. The mate of the October 28th person must be willing to claim their individuality and give reassurance that its what attracted them to each other in the first place.

A look ahead; Fear is nothing more than emotional hypochondria. Gentle wins hearts.

Famous Birthdays; Julia Roberts, Bill Gates, Jane Alexander, Charlie Daniels, Annie Potts, Stephen Morris (New Order), William Reid (The Jesus & Mary Chain), Curtis Lee, Wayne Fontana.

  Birthday Horoscopes for 10/29   Back to top  

We are now 6º into Scorpio. This day is ruled by the Moon which gives the person born on this day sharp instincts. It also offers a more feminine side to this person. The October 29th person can be influential and present the facts positively for they leave no stone unturned. As a mate, the October 29th person is very loving and protective (sometimes too much) to their loved ones. The mate of this person needs to encourage the October 29th person to treat everyone equally. 

A look ahead; Secrets deprive those around you of knowledge. Sometimes its best to leave people to their own beliefs.

Famous Birthdays; Kate Jackson, Leon Redbone, Winona Ryder, Richard Dreyfuss, Ed Halley (discovered Halleys comet), Zoot Sims, Melba Moore, Peter Green( Fleetwood Mac), Randy Jackson, Peter Timmins (Cowboy Junkies).

  Birthday Horoscopes for 10/30   Back to top  

The October 30th person is ruled by Jupiter, which gives those born on this day vision and the need for expansion. It also gives this person a substantial amount of wisdom. Most of the October 30th persons are found in leadership or supporting positions or one that deals with personal convictions such as clergy. As a mate, the October 30th person exhibits unconditional love. The mate of the October 30th person must encourage their mate to take care of themselves, for they do give without concern for their own well being. 

A look ahead; It would not be wise to get in your car and drive off in all directions.

Famous Birthdays; Henry Winkler, John Adams, Charles Atlas, Grace Slick (Jefferson Airplane), Christopher Columbus (Historically discovered America at age 17), Otis Williams (The Temptations), Timothy B. Schmit (The Eagles), Joey Belladonna (Anthrax), Jerry DeBorg (Jesus Jones), Gavin Rossdale (Bush).

Birthday Horoscopes for 10/31   Back to top  

The October 31st person is detail oriented and unswayable. This is in part attributed to Uranus the ruling planet for this day. This planet also offers this day an original outlook on life and the desire to be retributive to those who cause them grief. As a mate, the October 31st person is very selective but when a partner is chosen, it is usually one that would be willing to partake in restrictive and unconventional practices. Although this could be greatly affected by the configuration of the October 31st persons 4th house.

A look ahead; A bomb without a fuse is just a canister.

Famous Birthdays; Tom Paxton, Dan Rather, Michael Landon, Jane Pauley, Dale Evans, John Candy, Deidre Hall, Kinky Friedman, Vanilla Ice, Mikkey Dee (Motorhead), Larry Mullen,(U-2)




We hope that these Birthday Horoscopes will help you understand yourself better. This Birthday Horoscope was done with a tropical method. There is a few things that haven't been considered, your time of birth and place of birth these two factors make for a more accurate finger print of who you are. This is why we suggest having full Natal Chart (Birth Chart) done. 

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