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We hope that these Birthday Horoscopes will help you understand yourself better. This Birthday Horoscope was done with a tropical method. There is a few things that haven't been considered, your time of birth and place of birth these two factors make for a more accurate finger print of who you are. This is why we suggest having full Natal Chart (Birth Charts) done. 


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A brief overview of the Scorpio sun sign:

The Scorpio sun sign is ruled by both Pluto and Mars. The first thing we need to know is that Pluto is a very dark and curios planet. We have only started to learn its effects on the zodiac. From what information  has been gathered it seems to have an effect on the Scorpio sun sign resembling the underground movement of the sixties were we saw groups of people that had a well organized secret missions and could move from one place to another undetected. The Mars aspect on the other hand is very well documented. It deals with all types of activities and desires. It also has a strong masculine side. Both the Scorpio men and woman have enormous sexual drives. Groups of admires (even of there own gender) surround them like a shipload of sailors that just retuned from sea. As for the person lucky enough to have an encounter with a Scorpio person, it is said that they can move in ways most could only imagine. The combination of Mars and Scorpio's element is fire and water and is the main reason for the constant changes that take place during the Scorpio persons life. We will learn more about this somewhat unpredictable sun sign on a daily basis as we try to unravel the Scorpio mystique. Some Famous scorpions; Mahallia Jackson, Johnny Carson, Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, Christopher Columbus, Art Carney, Pablo Picasso.

Birthday Horoscopes for 11/01

The November 1st person loves to live on the edge and demand that they be 1st in line. This is partly to the ruling planet for this day the Sun. They are confident and willing to move anything that stands in their way. As a mate, the November 1st person is honest and a proficient provider. The mate of the November first person must be willing to put up with a virtual whirlwind.

A look ahead; During the last world war there will be no one standing to determine who won.

Famous Birthdays; Larry Flynt, Fernando Valenzuela, Jenny McCarthy, Keith Emerson ( Emerson, Lake and Palmer), Michael Zaslow, Dan Peek (America), Ronald Bell (Kool and the Gang), Lyle Lovett, Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Rick Allen (Def Leppard).

  Birthday Horoscopes for 11/02

The November 2nd person has keen instincts and uses them to adapt to changes around them. The moon which is the ruling planet for this day gives a mothering tone to people born on this day. This can be used in a good way but has the potential to effect those around them in a negative way if its used in a manipulative manner. As a Mate the November 2nd person can provide overwhelming amounts of sex and monetary comforts. The mate of this person must be willing to adapt to the many changes in this persons life.

A look ahead; Change in our life is actually a constant, for we have been dying since our first day and will continue to do so till our last.

Famous Birthdays; David Schwimmer, Stefanie Powers, Burt Lancaster, K. D. Lange, Marie Antoinette, Phil Woods, Earl "Speedo" Carroll (The Cadillacs/The Coasters), Bobby Dall (Poison).

Birthday Horoscopes for 11/03

There are three factors that figure into the November 3rd persons existence. Its the combination of Pluto Mars And Jupiter (the ruling planet for this day) that make this person energetic and vocal. This person has the ability to make anything happen if they put their mind to it. As a mate, the November 3rd person is unforgiving and introverted. The mate of this person has to know when to and when not to be present.

A look ahead; It would be a bad deal to get a book on overcoming procrastination if you never get around to reading it.

Famous Birthdays; Charles Bronson, Dennis Miller, Roseanne Barr, Adam Ant (punk rocker), Dolph Lundgren.

  Birthday Horoscopes for 11/04

The November 4th person has a way of getting things moving, they do this with grace and charm. The ruling planet for this day is Uranus (Why do I always get smart aleck e-mails every time I mention this planet?) which gives this person a lovable eccentricity. They have a new approach to a lot of old ways. As a mate the November 4th person is well balanced. They give and receive the same and have a habit of only seeing the good in all those around them. The mate of this person should realize that they have something special and not take advantage of such a kind soul.

A look ahead; Reality makes no considerations for practice of faith.  

Famous Birthdays; Art Carney, Will Rogers, Walter Cronkite, Loretta Swit, Harry Elston (Friends of Distinction), Delbert McClinton, Chris Difford (Squeeze), Sean Combs( aka Puff Daddy).

  Birthday Horoscopes for 11/05

This day is ruled by Mercury, a planet that carries a cerebral aspect to this day along with Mars, one of Scorpios ruling planets makes the person born on this day a quick thinker. The October 5th person has a way of telling it like it is and is willing to consider new ideas, products or ways of doing things. As a mate the October 5th person is extremely involved in many things around them. The ideal mate of this person would be emotionally independent.

A look ahead; In your quest to seek out your surroundings be sure to include yourself. 

Famous Birthdays; Tatum O'Neal, Art Garfunkel, Bryan Adams, Sam Shepard, Elke Sommer, Ike Turner, Peter Noone, Angelo Moore (Fishbone). 

Birthday Horoscopes for 11/06             

Venus the ruling planet for this day. Along with Pluto and mars makes this person confident and optimistic. The November 6th person is a leader and one that you would follow blindly because of their magnetic personality. As a mate, the November 6th person is provocative and insists on the physical aspects of a relationship, not accepting the promises for the deed. The Ideal mate of this person would be willing to accept the changes this person brings to their life.

A look ahead; If I were to advise you not to generalize as a rule, I would be making a generalization. 

Famous Birthdays; Sally Field, Ethan Hawke, Maria Shriver, Bob Landau, Glenn Frey (The Eagles), Rory Block. 

Birthday Horoscopes for 11/07             

The November 7th person is ruled by Neptune which causes this person to stand beyond the ordinary range of most peoples perceptions. This person is unduly inquisitive and possesses a large amount of technical knowledge. As a mate, the November 7th person can deliver unusual and exiting experiences. The ideal mate of this person would be able calm their mates restlessness.

A look ahead; Common sense should warn us to the validity of prophecies containing seven headed beasts.

Famous Birthdays; Billy Graham, Joni Mitchell, Johnny Rivers, Al Hirt, King Kong Bundy, Dana Plato, Nick Gilder.

Birthday Horoscopes for 11/08            

Those born on this day are usually victims of Saturn, the ruling planet for this day. This saturnine aspect is evident in most areas of the November 8th persons life. The exception of this effect is that they are good managers of money and generally achieve favorable outcomes in their carriers. As a mate the November 8th person can push the erotic envelope (in most astrological house configurations) in a good way. The mate of this person needs to allow themselves to be the savory smorgasbords of their mates desires.

A look ahead; The simple things in life are best enjoyed ala cart.

Famous Birthdays; Rickie Lee Jones, Bonnie Raitt, Patti Page, Bonnie Bramlett, Leif Garrett, Minnie Riperton, Morley Safer, Chris Connor, Christie Hefner.

Birthday Horoscopes for 11/09            

The November 9th person is one that likes to be seen in all the right places. They will tell you everything, even what you might not care to know about themselves. They tend to be curios and love the ritual of acquisition. As a mate, the November 9th person is driven by spontaneity, sensation and satisfaction. The ideal mate of this person would be open to all suggestions.

A look ahead; We would all like to have our first experiences over and over but never our last.

Famous Birthdays; Hedy Lamar, Carl Sagan, Tommy Dorsey, Lou Ferrigno, Ed Wynn, Scarface, Tom Fogerty, Sisqo, Mary (Peter, Paul & Mary). An interview with Mary Travers.

Birthday Horoscopes for 11/10            

On a day that is ruled by the Sun, as is this day we see some form of individuality. With the combination of Pluto offering that underground aspect that we spoke of in the Scorpio overview at the top of the page, we get a sense of constant transformations. These people would fare well in a environment that allows space for creation and beauty. As a mate, this person would seem slow to make a decision and unwilling to change it. The ideal mate of this person would be trusting and extremely patient.

A look ahead; Our lives are shaped by the impressions of the world around us.

Famous Birthdays; Claude Rains, Richard Burton, Donna Fargo, Mackenzie Phillips, Roy Schieder, Sinbad, Tim Rice, Greg Lake (Emerson, Lake and Palmer), Bobby Rush.

Birthday Horoscopes for 11/11            

Those born on this day are ruled by the moon and along with Pluto one of the ruling planets for this month makes the November 11th person one that works well behind the scenes. They are very personable and make friends easily. As a mate, the November 11th person knows how to be seductive with their natural beauty and magnetic personality.  The mate of this person would need to allow themselves to be faithful and kept.

A look ahead; True love has no conditions.

Famous Birthdays; Demi Moore, Mose Allison, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonathan Winters, Peta Wilson, Hank Garland, Jesse Colin Young, Vince Martell (Vanilla Fudge), Paul Cowsill (The Cowsills), Andy Partridge (XTC), Marshall Crenshaw, Ian Marsh (Human League), Dave Alvin. 

  Birthday Horoscopes for 11/12            

Today we begin the last full seven day phase of Scorpio before we reach the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp. Those born on this day are in fact the prime examples of the last full phase of Scorpio. They are usually in visible positions in life, not by coincidence but by the use of their natural beauty and captivating personality along with the great wisdom offered by Jupiter, the ruling planet for this day. This aspect also makes them hungry for knowledge. They must in their later years guard themselves against becoming disenchanted with life. As a mate the November 12th person can become the source of their mates greatest pleasures. The ideal mate of this person would be able to be calm and reassuring.

A look ahead; As we go through life taking the good with the bad, we must also take the light with the dark.

Famous Birthdays; Neil Young, Grace Kelly, Booker T. Jones( Booker T and the M.G.'s), Al Michaels, Charles Manson, Jo Stafford, David Schwimmer, Sammy Sosa, Brian Hyland, Jimmy Hayes (Persuasions), Megan Mullally ("Will and Grace"), David Ellefson (Megadeth).

Birthday Horoscopes for 11/13            

The November 13th person has a way with words. They can change the course of events for those around them just by what they say. They do get very much involved in the lives of those around them sometimes for good but sometimes just to even the score. They have strong beliefs. As a mate the November 13th person thrives on dialog and holds it as a prerequisite to sensuality. The mate of this person would be an astute listener.

A look ahead; The tongue is the sharpest part of the human body.

Famous Birthdays; Whoopi Goldberg, Juhi Chawla, Linda Christian, John Hammond, Jean Seaberg, Walter Kibby (Fishbone).

Birthday Horoscopes for 11/14            

Mercury is the ruling planet for this day. This makes most things in the November 14th persons life move rapidly. They are also set on getting to the bottom or the top of things and can usually see right through peoples hidden agenda. As a mate, the November 14th person is faithful and involved, sometimes to a fault. The mate of this person should be able to tell their partner when to let them find things out on their own.

A look ahead; We are in a time were we need to determine which laws were written for the sole purposes of creating crime.

Famous Birthdays; Claude Monet, Prince Charles, King Hussein, Brian Keith, McLean Stevenson, Yanni, Stephen Bishop, Fred Quimby, Veronica Lake,  Ellis Marsalis, Carey Bell, Freddie Garrity (Freddie & the Dreamers), Buckwheat Zydeco, James Young (Styx), Nic Dalton (The Lemonheads).

Birthday Horoscopes for 11/15           

The word for the person born on this day is exiting. The underground planet Pluto and the ruling planet for this day, the loving planet Venus meet to make a unique combination. The November 15th person generally has one experience after another and can instantly weigh out and respond to any situation, most which seem to come out of nowhere. There are times they might seem to be a bit clumsy depending on certain daily transits in their chart. As A mate, the November 15th person will add excitement to the relationship in all respects. The mate of this person must be careful not to set off an emotional explosion.

A look ahead; A confrontation is never truly won in the name of compassion unless it is forgone. 

Famous Birthdays;  Petula Clark, Keven Eubanks, Judge Joseph Wapner, C.W. McCall, Beverly D'Angelo, Sam Waterson, Matovani, Jack Burns, Frida (ABBA), Ed Asner, Alexander O'Neal, Janet Lennon (The Lennon Sisters).


Birthday Horoscopes for 11/16          

The November 16th person is most likely to be in some kind of leadership position. They are quite prudent in managing their money and have a unique ability to see all sides of an issue. As a mate, the November 16th person will wait for the right person to come along. The mate of this person would be wise to know that they are "the one".

A look ahead; We are stewards of the gifts the universe has given us, to share them with all mankind. 

Famous Birthdays;  Lisa Bonet, Dwight Gooden, Oksana Baiul, Burgess Meredith, Mani (The Stone Roses), Bryan Abrams (Color Me Badd), Martha Plimpton.

  Birthday Horoscopes for 11/17         

The person born on this day has a strong sense of obligation and leadership to what ever they are involved in. Although achieving a desirable result might take an extra effort in this scenario, because this day is ruled by Saturn. This aspect may cause them some sort of restriction, which they will overcome with vigor and in a honest, thoughtful and respectable manner. Over the years this person, through sheer life experience has developed the ability to seal ideological gaps and present common ground though logic and dialog. Pluto one of the ruling planets of Scorpio can make these people good motivators. As a mate, the November 17th person is dedicated to their love one, but somewhat governing. The ideal mate of this person will be able to accept this persons strong convictions.

A look ahead; Morality is the hindsight of experience. 

Famous Birthdays; Martin Scorcese, Gordon Lightfoot, Danny DeVito, Daisy Fuentes, Gov. Howard Dean, Isaac Hanson (Hanson), Lorne Michaels, Dylan Walsh.

Birthday Horoscopes for 11/18         

The November 18th person is powerful and volatile. They usually have some sort of empathic abilities and are well liked by their piers and associates. As a mate, the November 18th person has the ability to make themselves the undisputable desire of their mates dreams. The mate of this person needs be laid back and understanding of their mates idiosyncrasies.

A look ahead; You must learn to identify and heed your own premonitions. 

Famous Birthdays;  Linda Evans, Kevin Nealon, Brenda Vaccaro, Katey Segal (Peg Bundy), Hank Ballard, Herman Rarebell (The Scorpions), Graham Parker (and the Rumour), Kirk Hammett (Metallica), Tim DeLaughter (Tripping Daisy).

Birthday Horoscopes for 11/19        

We are now 27º into Scorpio which puts us on the start of the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp. This causes the Scorpio person born on this day and along with the others born on this cusp to be a bit avant-garde in their dealings with the world. The ruling sign for this day is the Sun which makes this person seek identity mainly in their early years that will turn into leadership or a creative position later on in life. As a mate, the November 19th person is loving and sensually assertive. The mate of this person would be one that can provide a grounding atmosphere. 

A look ahead;  The concept of modern only lasts for one day, tomorrow we will see today as retro.

Famous Birthdays;  Jodie Foster, Meg Ryan, Calvin Klein, Larry King, Tommy Dorsey, Ted Turner, Ahmad Rashad, Peta Wilson, Pete Moore (Smokey Robinson and the Miracles), Ann Curry, Matt Sorum (The Cult/Guns N' Roses), Travis McNabb (Better Than Ezra).

  Birthday Horoscopes for 11/20       

The November 20th person has wonderful intentions for all things around them And are not afraid to fight for the desired results. The down side of this is that they may sometimes neglect one thing for another.  As a mate the November 20th person offers ageless beauty and material security. The ideal mate of this person would be one that offers calm and balance to this relationship, maybe a Taurus.

A look ahead;  Our knowledge of heliocentric principals needs to applied to the people around us as well. 

Famous Birthdays;  Bo Derek, Dick Smothers, Duane Allman, Kay Ballard, Richard Dawson, Chester Gould , Jim Brown (UB40), Todd Nance (Widespread Panic), Rapper Mike D (The Beastie Boys).

Birthday Horoscopes for 11/21       

The November 21st person has a natural scent of style and sensuality. They usually are creative and with their presence, convincing. They need to avoid becoming hardened from the worlds unfriendliness'. As a mate, the November 21st person is exiting but can also be overly emotional. The mate of this person needs to guard their mate from all types of abuse.

A look ahead;  A flower wilts sooner or later, but if we through it back in the garden it will help grow another beautiful flower. 

Famous Birthdays;  Dr. John, Marlo Thomas, Goldie Hawn, Coleman Hawkins, Harold Ramis, Troy Aikman, Lonnie Jordan (War), Livingston Taylor, Brian Ritchie (The Violent Femmes), Bjork. 

A brief overview of the Sagittarius sun sign:

 Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter which gives form of wisdom and vision to the people born into this sun sign. They are hypnotic in the way they dress and present themselves. The Sagittarius male subliminally commands attention while the Sagittarius female does it through exhibition. They both believe strongly in loving themselves. Their goals in life are usually of the expansive nature. This would put much emphasis on the configuration of their 1st house. Jupiter also gives the Sagittarian a wellspring of luck in their financial dealings. Although both the male and female of this sign should guard themselves from letting their other senses put them in a relationship with the wrong person. Some Sagittarius notables: Charles Shultz, Harpo Marx, Tina Turner, Jimi Hendrix, Anna Nichole Smith, John Mayall, Abbie Hoffman, Mark Twain, Nostradamus, Woody Allan, Ozzy Osbourne  just to mention a few. We will see how the meld of the different planets on a day to day basis makes up the many visions of the Sagittarius sun sign.

 Symbol :    Sagittarius element: Fire    


Birthday Horoscopes for 11/22       

The person born on this day is endowed with eccentricity and originality. Along with the energy of the ruling planet for this day makes this person live and fight for change in their chosen causes. They take an "in your face" approach to their business dealings. As a mate, the November 22nd person loves the dance before the act and can tend towards more unconventional relationships.

A look ahead; As we ask ourselves the question of the tree falling in the woods, we also need to ask ourselves if the the world functions while we sleep.

Famous Birthdays;  Rodney Dangerfield, Jamie Lee Curtis, Robert Vaughn, Billy Jean King, Mariel Hemingway, Stephen Geoffreys, Tina Weymouth (The Talking Heads/The Tom Tom Club).

Birthday Horoscopes for 11/23       

The November 23rd person is a hoot to be around most of the time. Although they do have a tendency to be a bit retributive when they think they are being forced to do something. Thankfully most of their pent-up aggressions come out in the form of humor. As a mate, the November 23rd person would be best matched with someone that loves to laugh and enjoys excitement. The ideal mate of this person would be someone that can balance fun and structure.

A look ahead; The mind is connected to all parts of the body and should be used in that order.

Famous Birthdays;  Harpo Marx, Boris Karloff, William Bonney (Billy the Kid), Bruce Hornsby (and the Range), Ken Block (Sister Hazel), Charlie Grover (Sponge).

  Birthday Horoscopes for 11/24      

The November 24th person has a sense of values that carries over to their relationships. The ruling planet for this day Venus offers a life style that involves freedom and passion. They love a good party but on some occasions can seem withdrawn. As a mate the November 24th person is loving and sensitive. They love the sensation of taste. The mate of this person might be best to help their mate maintain a common productive ground.

A look ahead; Good things come to those who love and do it freely.

Famous Birthdays;  Scott Joplin, Bat Masterson, Denise Crosby, William Buckley, Pete Best, Donald "Duck" Dunn (Booker T. & the MG's), Lee Michaels, Clem Burke (Blondie), John Squire (The Stone Roses), Gary Stonadge (Big Audio).

  Birthday Horoscopes for 11/25      

Now we're a few degrees into Sagittarius and out of the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp. This is when the fire part of this sun sign kicks in. The November 25th person is the driving force of the things around them and when they make it happen its with the turbochargers kicked in and a full tank of fuel. The ruling planet for this day is Neptune which might make this person a bit more spiritual than usual. As a mate, the November 25th person displays the innocents of a child but can sometimes love the fantasy not knowing what the person is really about. The mate of this person should never take their mates abilities for granted.

A look ahead;  The softer you are the louder your heard.

Famous Birthdays;  Ricardo Montalblan, Paul Desmond, Christina Applegate, John Larroquette, Amy Grant, Joe DiMaggio, Ben Stein, Etta Jones, Percy Sledge, Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees).

  Birthday Horoscopes for 11/26     

Saturn, the ruling planet for this day and Jupiter, Sagittarius ruling planet makes strange bed fellows but a very interesting Birthscope. The November 26th person in naturally discriminating in the way they deal with the world around them. Along with this noteworthy stature comes some undesirable results, mostly because of the influence of Saturn and the life challenges it creates. These are truly unique and independent people. As a mate the November 26th person is not usually the type to enter into a consistent relationship. The ideal mate of this person would have the ability to make those around them open to love.

A look ahead; Along with the privilege of freedom comes the inescapable responsibility of decision.

Famous Birthdays;  Charles M. Schulz, Rich Little, Tina Turner, Robert Goulet, John McVie.

  Birthday Horoscopes for 11/27     

The spontaneous energy of Mars rules this day. This is evident in most of the things the November 27th person will do in their life, except for in their home. There is were they hold a sort of refuge from the whirlwind that they seem to create in their public life. The ideal mate of this person would be able to hold the fort until their mate comes back from the fight.

A look ahead; A good cause will be acceptable to your intuition.

Famous Birthdays;  Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Lee, Eddie Rabbit, Robin Givens, Charlie Burchill (Simple Minds), Charlie Benante (Anthrax), Mike Bordin (Faith No More).

  Birthday Horoscopes for 11/28     

The November 28th person is ruled by the Sun. In this case along with Jupiter, the ruling planet for Sagittarius makes this person very individualistic. The identity issue usually comes in the form of emotional reflection. This person has a unique opinion on most subjects. As a mate, the November 28th person does not have the ability to be anyone but themselves which makes them naturally attractive. The mate of this person would be someone that can put events in their appropriate order.

A look ahead; Two visions of one idea does not necessarily fall into the category of hypocrisy.

Famous Birthdays;  Randy Newman, Paul Shaffer, Rita Brown, Judd Nelson, Anna Nichole Smith, Ed Harris, Matt Cameron (Soundgarden).

Birthday Horoscopes for 11/29     

Today is truly a unique day in the Sagittarius sun sign. The ruling planet for this day is the Moon which in this configuration deals with the unconscious. The November 29th person has keen instincts and has set their path to expanding what they believe. This might come off to some as being a trouble maker, but they just want to make things happen and they will. As a mate, the November 29th person will not be ignored in any setting. The mate of this person would have a calming effect on their mate.

A look ahead; Some people believe that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, in modern times it's become common practice just to replace it.

Famous Birthdays;  John Mayall, Howie Mandel, Gary Schandling, Chuck Mangione, Cathy Moriarty, Denny Doherty (The Mamas & the Papas), Felix Cavaliere (The Rascals), Wallis Buchanan (Jamiroquai), Jonathan Knight (New Kids on the Block), Martin Carr (Boo Radleys).

Birthday Horoscopes for 11/30     

The ruling planet for this day is Jupiter as well as the ruling planet for this sign. What does a double Jupiter mean to the November 30th person? Vision, space and most of all unparalleled wisdom. this person has all the tools to change the world and most usually do in some way or another. They can sometimes cause themselves problems by reacting too sharply to an issue. As a mate, the November 30th person is witty and spontaneous. The ideal mate of this person would be able to accept (not necessarily agree) with their mates views.

A look ahead; A door in and out of a conversation would surely offer plural indemnity.

Famous Birthdays;  Dick Clark, Billy Idol, Abbie Hoffman, Mark Twain, Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Bo Jackson, Winston Churchill, June Pointer (The Pointer sisters), Roger Glover (Deep Purple), John Ashton (The Psychedelic Furs), Rob Grill (The Grassroots).



We hope that these Birthday Horoscopes will help you understand yourself better. This Birthday Horoscope was done with a tropical method. There is a few things that haven't been considered, your time of birth and place of birth these two factors make for a more accurate finger print of who you are. This is why we suggest having full Natal Chart (Birth Chart) done. 

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